Critical Communication

Transparency and accuracy are key elements of communication in the medical field. Whether you are recruiting an interpreter for an outpatient appointment or a medical conference with multiple clinical team members, an interpreter must have the most up-to-date knowledge of medical concepts and procedures and be trained to have the most specific medical terminology at his fingertips. Our interpreters have this extensive experience and knowledge and conduct each case with sensitivity.

Knowing Our Client = Servicing Our Client

We have been providing language services to some of the nation’s leading medical centers for many years. Our in-depth knowledge of a hospital’s operations and culture enables us to streamline the process for providing an interpreter on a moment’s notice. Our clients rely on us not only for our language skills, but for our knowledge of diverse cultures: When is it appropriate to send a female rather than a male interpreter?

Benefits of Partnering with Languages etc…

Languages etc… is available to consult with all hospital staff members from medical personnel to social workers and admissions, nutrition, and billing personnel. This relationship-based service opportunity means that we work with your unique requirements and cost structure—while fulfilling your communications needs.